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The AWEMA One-Shot technology

The One-Shot technology is based upon the synchronised discharge of filling and shell mass into a mould. This technique is suited for the production of almost all filled chocolate items, notably pralines, truffles, filled bars using the Long One-Shot technique and filled napolitains. Even razor-thin "After Eight" mint plates can be made.

The manufacturing of most of an praline assortment is covered by the standard AWEMA One-Shot package, which comes with every MINI or UDM depositing machine. With the optional Quadro-Shot extension up to four ingredients can be processed at the same time, meaning premium chocolate items e.g. pralines with two fillings in a bicoloured shell can be made. Your creativity's the limit!

Illustration: One-Shot Artikel

How does it work?

In fact the first One-Shot systems have been developed in the late 50s, based on a complete mechanical concept. However, those praline's shells were irregular and disproportionately thick, often more than 60% of the praline's weight. With today's technology the proportion of the shell can be reduced to under 20% and spread very evenly. This is only possible thanks to high-performance electronics and intelligent software. In cooperation with our mechanic and process engineers the AWEMA software experts developed an extremely powerful and versatile One-Shot software. AWEMA One-Shot depositing machines include the following software bundles:

One-Shot sample One-Shot sample One-Shot sample One-Shot sample
One-Shot Long One-Shot Triple/Quadro-Shot Power One-Shot

The Long One-Shot is used for solid and filled bars and napolitains, even razor-thin filled "cat's tongues" can be made.

Triple/Quadro-Shot items consist of three or four different masses, e.g. bicoloured pralines with two fillings.

The double layer Power One-Shot lets you produce layered chocolate items (e.g. white top on dark base) within on production step.

What else is needed to make premium One-Shot products?

  • Good and gentle cooling
  • Accurate precrystallization of the couverture
  • Tempered (preheated) moulds
  • Time to release latent heat

Which products/fillings are suited for One-Shot production?

  • All liquid and viscous masses
  • Masses with solid ingredients (e.g. nut chips or calibrated fruit pieces)
  • Crispy with low air percentage

Unsuitable ingredients:

  • Masses insensitive to suction
  • Firm marzipan
  • Masses with a high air percentage
  • Whole nuts (can be used in solid products)

Know-how and experience

Despite all technologic vantages chocolate remains a natural product which reacts very distinguished to its environment, such as sunlight and temperature. That's why it requires skill and experience to make premium class chocolate products.

For that reason good training and practise with the machinery is very important to us. In special workshops we offer a hands-on-training for professionals from the chocolate industry. In small groups you will learn the basics and the little secrets about the technology and you can test your skills by making fresh chocolate specialties in our experimental laboratory.